Quarantine Project

I’ve been a remote worker for some time now. Over the years I had been considering getting a standing desk. Finally, after much research watching YouTube videos of desk setups and looking at offerings from popular companies, I decided what I wanted.

I ended up going with a kind of DIY solution, purchasing an adjustable frame, and using a separately sourced desktop. For the frame, I chose the Jarvis Adjustable Desk frame from Fully in white. The desktop I selected is a butcher block counter top made from Birch, which is light in color and goes very well with the white frame.

The counter top measured 72″ x 39″, which is a little deep for a desk, but I was happy with this as I intended to use the excess. I cut it down to a 30″ depth, then cut the 9″ section into 3, giving myself 3 24″ x 9″ matching shelves.

I haven’t mounted the shelves yet, but the desk is all setup and cable management is almost finished. I did find a nice set of white shelve brackets that will tie in the whole office aesthetic. I’ll probably add some cool lighting and such, but overall I’m quite pleased with how everything turned out!

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