Unopened Pixel Buds box

Google Pixel Buds

I’ve had a few pair of headphones that I’ve stuck with over the years, the over ear style headphones. I have a pair of Skullcandy that I used for general music and audio, you know, when phones still had a headphone jack. I also have a pair of wireless gaming headphones that I use for work and video calls and such, they are the Logitech G930. Over the years these have been my favorite and most comfortable headphone solutions.

I never really have liked earbuds in the past, they were typically uncomfortable to me, and I didn’t feel like I had much occasion to actually use them. On the other hand, when I got my Pixel 3 XL it came with USB-C earbuds. They seemed more comfortable to my ears in general, and I ended using them quite frequently, especially in the instance of taking a phone call while working so I could continue typing as opposed to holding the phone.

Even then, when the first generation Pixel Buds came out (with the wire/string going behind your neck), I didn’t immediately jump on board. The earbuds I had worked just fine in what could still be considered limited use, mostly around the house. I also never really thought to bring them with me while out and about. I would be listing to music in a vehicle, or out with friends in a public venue.

Fast forward a bit to present day, everyone and their mother has AirPods, and Google has been keeping us on our toes about their truly wireless Pixel Buds to answer the offerings of Apple and Samsung both. Now, having the Pixel 4 XL myself, I’m in prime territory for all the most up to date integrated goodness. I have also fully immersed myself in Google Assistant land, having several Google Home Minis around the house, so I’m quite used to just speaking out commands and queries.

So, I did the thing, I got the Google Pixel Buds. I was of course informed on the day they released in the Google Store, and as it turns out, ordered them just in time before they sold out that same day. They ended up back in stock, and sold out again a time or two over the following days it turns out. I’m not a tech reviewer, there’s plenty of those floating around now, but I can say after several days of using them, they are awesome. They are comfortable and are basically flush in my ears when worn, and having your assistant in your ear is pretty awesome as well. If you find yourself fully immersed in Google land, like I am, I’m sure you’ll love these things too.

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