Smart Home

In my previous post, I had mentioned that I have several Google Home Minis throughout my house. That is to say, I have a Mini in basically every room, aside from the bathrooms. It started modestly enough, with a single speaker, but then quickly became a full on Smart Home solution.

I feel like most everyone must have the same type of story, if they have any stage of smart home setup. It starts with one or two things, and suddenly you can warm your toilet seat on command. It’s not really that level, however, my story is quite the same, I started with one and now my whole house has been assimilated. We are the Borg.

The house is more or less setup as so: every room, as I mentioned, has a mini and at least one Philips Hue light. My bedroom, for instance, also has two night stand lamps, and a set of 9 Nanoleaf panels. Further examples are my living room, which also has two floor lamps, and the garage has two lights and a motion sensor. My office, will eventually be the most enhanced area, and I also plan to add an outdoor light strip to my deck.

I make full use of routines as well, both ones from Google Home as well as the Hue app. The wake up routine from Hue brings my nightstands up to 100% gradually over 10 minutes each morning. The Google Home “good morning” routine, turns my nightstands off, then tells me the weather, any calendar items I have, then the news of the day from several sources. The motion sensor in the garage turns the lights on and then back off 5 minutes after it no longer detects motion.

My house doesn’t exactly make my coffee and toast a bagel for me in the morning, yet. I feel like what I currently have is a decent setup that suits my needs and provides a level of automation and ease. I’m sure the future will have more to bring in this type of technology, I’ll be here to check it out as long as I can!

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